BIMA offers a unique flood insurance service
How residents of Tajikistan can protect their apartments from pipe bursts or fires, we were told in the Russian-Tajik Insurance Organization BIMA.
Annually, especially during the heating period, pipe breaks occur in the apartments of Tajik residents, old batteries leak, etc. The consequences of these events hit hard on the wallet of citizens.
In all European countries and in the Russian Federation, issues related to domestic accidents are resolved by insuring your home. The BIMA insurance company, realizing that the risks of floods and fires are high, specially for Tajik citizens in 2018 developed the insurance policy Salom, Neighbor! This insurance program has no analogues in the Tajik market.
The insurance policy “Salom, Neighbor!”, Issued in a boxed format - this simplifies the process of obtaining insurance - a person can quickly activate the policy and be calm about his property. The advantage of this insurance policy is that insurance coverage applies not only to the interior decoration of the apartment, furniture and household appliances, but also to liability to neighbors. The insurance policy covers the costs of repairing your apartment during a flood or fire in it and the purchase of new equipment or property in the event of robbery, and also allows you to compensate your neighbors for losses if you flood them.
According to the boxed insurance policy “Salom, Neighbor!” The insurance company "BIMA" will compensate for losses associated with the need:
- Carrying out repairs of the interior decoration of your apartment, utilities and equipment
- Restoration or purchase of new household, audio and video equipment, furniture
- Compensation for losses to neighbors in the event that you have civil liability to them.
Recently, the BIMA Insurance Organization has begun to receive a lot of calls related to insurance of apartments against floods and fires. Many immediately during a telephone conversation order policies "Salom, Neighbor!". Since in addition to favorable insurance conditions, the BIMA Insurance Organization also arranges free courier delivery at a convenient time and place for the client. The cost of the policy for one year of insurance is 365 somoni, and if an insured event occurs in the apartment, then up to 40 thousand somoni will be reimbursed. And most importantly - you don’t need to go and swear with your neighbors - all these concerns are taken by the insurance policy “Salom, Neighbor!”.

Every day in Tajikistan, the confidence of citizens in insurance is growing. The level of literacy of the population and the understanding that life insurance, health and property insurance is a necessary factor in the well-being of the family budget are increasing. In recent years, the number of insured under various programs at the BIMA Insurance Organization has exceeded one hundred thousand people. And every day this indicator is growing, and this once again proves that Tajik citizens trust the BIMA Insurance Organization. Basically, these are those who consciously understand that financial protection of the family budget is a necessity of today for a modern and constantly developing person.
For citizens of Tajikistan, the call center of the BIMA Insurance Organization is available at short number 5511 or by phone +992 (44) 601-5511. By calling the indicated numbers, you can ask all your questions and order policies with delivery to a convenient place.
Do not wait for neighbors to flood you, or there will be a fire in the apartment. Save your budget today.

Insurance cost: 365 somoni
Sum insured: 40 000 somoni