Have you had enough or burned out Sumanak? Is the remote control for the TV gone or have indoor flowers dried up? Are you tired of noisy neighbors or did it rain on your birthday or wedding?
Yes, you heard right, BIMA announces insurance, which has never been in Tajikistan!
From March 1 to May 31, shoot a video about your spring troubles, come to BIMA and get your insurance payment.

Payment occurs in such cases:

- Burnt or undercooked Sumanak (as a result of burning or undercooking the national dish Sumanak);
- Loss or complete destruction of the remote control from the Participant's TV (as a result of complete loss and inability to find the remote control within 24 hours, as well as destruction, damage to the remote control and its subsequent malfunction);
- The death of the Participant's indoor plants (as a result of underfilling, overflows, exposure to insects and parasites, and other causes);
- Damage (damage), destruction of the Participant's carpet (as a result of the action of animals, spills of liquids and other reasons) (with the exception of carpet);
- Damage (damage) to the Wallpaper of the Participant (as a result of the action of young children);
- Noisy and annoying neighbors (loud cries of neighbors, loud music after 21:00);
- Rain on a birthday or a wedding (as a result of inclement weather: rain, hail, rain)

To receive the payment, the Participant must submit an application - a video to the Organizer, by sending a video to the Organizer's messengers +992909009967 containing a detailed description of the event that occurred with the Participant, as well as (if desired) photo materials allowing the Organizer to make an unambiguous conclusion about the occurrence of the declared event, his contact information (phone )
The declared event (video) must contain a detailed description of the history of the event, and may contain the amount of damage.

The Participant of the Promotion is the Organizer’s client who has a valid box insurance agreement for the series: ZAP (Salom, Neighbor!), ZHP (Hawlii man), ZAF (The Incredibles).

All the details on the short number 5511!