Telecommunications company Tcell and Insurance company BIMA present new options - “Salomati 5” and “Salomati 10”.

Тelecommunications company Tcell and insurance company BIMA present new options - “Salomati 5” and “Salomati 10”.

By connecting the “Salomati” options from Tcell, you automatically purchase an accident insurance policy! 

The cost of options is 5 or 10 somoni per month, this monthly fee is the amount of insurance. The amount of insurance benefit in the event of an accident will be 500 and 1000 somoni, respectively.

Options are available for connecting to absolutely all Tcell tariffs. Command to connect options
“Salomati 5” - * 588 * 5 #,
“Salomati 10” - * 588 * 10 #.

The option is available for all B2C and B2B tariffs.
Validity of the option 30 days from the date of connection
USSD to check the validity period of option * 588 #
Salomati options can also be connected on Salomati tariffs.

For example, if a subscriber has Salomati 40 * TP connected, he can also connect either Salomati 5 or Salomati 10.