Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

A car is not just a vehicle - it is status, comfort, quality of life. As well as other property that requires the owner’s attention, the beloved car doubles its attention, and will never let failed its owner, responding to care with faithful work. However, it often happens, that in road traffic accidents may be your favorite car. What to do? How to find a way out?  
Over the past 10 years, over 14 thousand road accidents were registered on the roads of the Republic of Tajikistan,
which resulted in the death of 4,500 people, 16,449 people were injured. These figures make you think about safety first of all yourself, as well as your four-wheel assistant. The insurance company "Bima" offers you to take care of yourself and your loved ones in advance and sign a contract of voluntary insurance of motor vehicles through comprehensive insurance "Calm at the wheel."
The main idea of the programmes is subject by followings:
If the insured vehicle is damaged or lost, the Insurance Organization makes an insurance payment by sending the damaged of motor vehicle to the service center. 

What can be insured under the programme of Comprehensive Car Insurance, Except Responsibility, (КАСКО:)
- A car 
- Truck 
- Trailers for cars
- Optional equipment 
- Agricultural machinery
You can receive additional information and issue an accident insurance policy in our office by sending an online application or in the offices of our partners.