Insurance from households disaster "Hello neighbour!"

Households disasters - floods and fires - a frequent phenomenon in our lives. We were given heating? Just super, but on the way managed to flood dozens of tenth apartments. Faulty wiring, network closure? Do we constantly have voltage in the power grid and household appliances in constant shock?

Yes, this is our daily struggle for quality of life. We wondered how to help? How to make this side of our life stable and safe. And we came to the conclusion - to offer the insurance package "Salom, Neighbor!" - A unique insurance policy to protect the financial interests of the Insured! 

The main idea of ​​the product is to protect the financial interests of the Insured if his property has been damaged or because of the Insured’s fault the property or life of neighbors has suffered. 

With regard to property insurance and civil liability for causing harm, separate insurance sums (sub-limits) are established, namely: 

Apartment finishing - 15,000 somoni;

Movable property - 15,000 somoni;

Civil liability for causing harm to third parties, in the operation of residential premises - 10,000 somoni.

Total fixed amount of 40000 somoni in case of an insured event - your financial guarantee!

You can apply for delivery and activation of the policy at www.bima.tj

For all questions please call by. +992880000308.