Calm before the wheel


The program is, aimed at financial protection of citizens in the event of occurrence of unforeseen events when using a motor vehicle. 

A car is one of the main values of modern human. Therefore, caring for the safety of the machine often becomes a problem for its owner. How to avoid unpleasant situations and prevent financial losses?   
The insurance organization "BIMA" offers its customers a comprehensive insurance product that takes into account both the characteristics of the car and the individual characteristics of the driver. 

The insurance product "Calm behind the wheel" consists of the following programs:
• Car insurance against damage / theft, the program "Auto Casco ";
• Third-party liability insurance of a car owner;
• Insurance of the driver and passengers against accidents in case of traffic accident;

Insurance under the program of Auto Casco  
The main idea of  Auto Casco is that if the insured car is, damaged or is, lost, then in case of damage, the insurance company BIMA makes an insurance payment by sending the damaged car to the best auto repair shops in Tajikistan, and in case of loss or total destruction - payment produced by the car owner.  

The following events will covered by Auto Casco: 
1) Damage to the vehicle:
- Accident, fire, explosion;
- Natural disasters;
- Falling / hitting foreign objects;
- Damage by animals;
- Illegal actions of third parties;
2) Vehicle theft. 

Advantages of the Auto Casco program:
• The system of payments "new for old" - damages are made without taking into account the wear and tear of components and parts to be replaced;
• High-quality service - car repair is, organized in the best service stations or from an authorized dealer; 
• Support of the Insurer - upon the occurrence of an insurance event, the Insurer provides information and dispatch support with possible departure of an expert of our company to the scene. 

Civil – liability insurance program
The basic idea of car owner’s civil liability insurance is that if the driver of the insured car causes damage to third parties (will be to blame for the accident), the insurance company BIMA indemnifies for the damage caused by the driver.

The following events are, covered, by owner’s civil liability insurance Program:
• Damage to property of third parties; 
• Damage to life and health of third parties.

The benefits of insurance under the program "Civil Liability":
• Convenience - the car owner does not spend time on communication and settlement of claims of affected third parties; instead, the Insurance Organization does it; 
• Financial protection - no need for a car owner to pay damages caused by his car to third parties.

Insurance from accident in case of RTA (accident)
The basic idea of insuring a driver and passengers against accidents during an accident is that if a driver or passengers get a disability group or die as a result, of an accident, BIMA Insurance Organization makes a cash payment to adapt the victims or their families to new living conditions. 

The following events are, covered by insurance program from RTA (accident):
• Death;
• Assignment of disability group.  

Advantages of the insurance program from RTA (accident):   
• Convenience - insurance is carrying out impersonal, that is, places are, insured in the car and payment is, made to the injured; 
• Financial protection - no need for the victim in the accident to look for additional funds for treatment or adaptation to new living conditions.

What happens if an insurance event occurs?   
The figures in the calculation are conditional and are not a substitute for tariffs.
Suppose that a car worth 40,000 somoni was, insured. 
Insurance object: BMW car.  
Suppose that an accident occurred (accident) due to the fault of the driver of the insured car as a result, of which damage was, caused to another Mercedes car.