Vehicle insurance in pledged / leased

The program aims to protect the borrower's obligations to the credit organization.

Nowadays, a loan provides an opportunity: to solve various kinds of problems, satisfy current needs or implement interesting ideas, and sometimes, it even gives an opportunity to fulfill the cherished dream. In addition, for entrepreneurs, credit provides an opportunity for the development of their own business.

When issuing loans of large sizes, any Credit organization wants to ensure their repayment. One of the tools to ensure the repayment of loans is the pledge of the vehicle of the Borrower. The integrity of the collateral or leased vehicle in the interests of both the Borrower and the Credit Organization, but no one can guarantee it to you.
Vehicle insurance helps not to worry about your own car, no matter what happens - hitting stones, accidents, colliding with animals, fire, spontaneous combustion, natural disasters, explosion, various illegal actions of third parties (theft, theft, damage to property).

The insurance organization "BIMA" offers a program of insurance of a mortgaged or leased vehicle. This program helps to reduce the risk of loss of funds in the event of partial damage or complete loss (loss) of the vehicle.

The main idea of the programs is as follows:
If the insured vehicle damaged or lost the insurance company makes an insurance payment to the Credit Organization, which then, together with the Borrower, can decide what the insurance payment will be, spent on: repaying the loan or restoring the damaged vehicle. This allows the Borrower in case of unforeseen situations to shift the burden of responsibility onto the shoulders of the Insurance Organization, avoid fines and penalties for overdue loans, not financially burden your near and dear ones and get the opportunity to restore damaged property.

What happens if an insurance event occurs?
The numbers in the calculation are conditional and are not a substitute for tariffs;
Estimated loan on the amount of 100,000 somoni, for a period of 12 months;
Insurance object: BMW Car;
Sum insured: 100,000 somoni;