Travel insurance

The, programs are aimed at comprehensive insurance protection for citizens outside the country of their permanent residence. 

Life is unpredictable - accidents, sudden illness and other unpredictable events can happen to everyone. A person finds himself in an unpleasant situation when, in addition to his loss of health, he has additional expenses for treatment, the search for qualified specialists and many other negative factors. It is good if there are relatives and loved ones, who at any moment will extend a helping hand, but what to do if something happened in a foreign country, where there is no one to wait for help

Do you want to be protected and confident that they will help you in difficult times?
Insurance organization "BIMA" offers voluntary insurance programs when traveling abroad. 

Travel abroad insurance (TA) is a type of insurance designed for citizens who travel abroad for recreation, sports, study, tourism, etc. Currently, there are a large number of TA insurance programs on the insurance market, including a diverse set of risks. LLC Insurance Organization BIMA has developed the most optimal and demanded by tourists, line of insurance programs for TA in terms of price and a set of services provided.    

Insurance for traveling abroad is a voluntary type of insurance, but the purchase of a TA policy is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.  

Suggested insurance programs:   
The program "Medical expenses". The program provides the tourist with medical care abroad, namely payment for the services of doctors and clinics if an accident has occurred (for example, an injury, food poisoning, an accident, a tick bite, a jellyfish burn, etc.) or a sudden acute illness.

The minimum set of risks under a TA policy includes such risks as: 

Payment of medical expenses
Payment of emergency dental care
Transport expenses
Medical transportation
Repatriation in case of death
The program "Loss of baggage". The loss of baggage during the trip brings a lot of trouble to the tourist; therefore, in order to be not without your things or to return the compensation for them, it is worth holding insurance of baggage. Loss of baggage can occur for various reasons. Things may disappear during the flight at the airport, may be stolen or destroyed during an accident, fire, flood or other unforeseen situations. This program is especially important for those traveling with several transfers, as a result, of which delay or loss of baggage is likely.  

The program "Cancel a trip." The insurance program is, issued in case the trip does not take place for any reason or the length of stay abroad is, reduced. A tourist will be able to receive an insurance payment if he did not go abroad due to various life circumstances that did not depend on him. An insurance policy may include, for example, such an insured event, such as a refusal to travel due to illness or a visa refusal.  
The program "Civil Liability". Often, traveling abroad, many tourists find themselves in unforeseen situations. For example, trying to make an impression or just skating on the ski slope, many vacationers fall, breaking skis, and sometimes the legs of the skiers passing by. To prevent a conflict from developing into litigation, you must insure your civil liability in advance. The person who caused the damage is, obliged compensate the losses in full to the victim. In case of insurance under this Program, this obligation is shifted to BIMA, provided that, the harm was not caused intentionally, and not in alcohol situation or drug intoxication.           
Program «Accident». The insurance program provides full compensation in loss of employability as a result, of an accident.  The insurance program provides full compensation for loss of ability to work as a result, of an accident. With minor injuries, depending on its severity, an appropriate percentage of compensation is, provided. The tourist receives financial compensation after returning from a trip. This can be very useful in the period of recovery of health - after all, it will be necessary to visit the clinic, do procedures prescribed by the doctor. All material costs incurred after returning home cover accident insurance. 

You can receive additional information and issue an accident insurance policy in our office by sending an online application or in the offices of our partners. 

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