The program aims to protect the borrower's obligations to the credit organization.  

Nowadays, Credit makes it possible: to solve various kinds of problems, meet current needs or implement interesting ideas, and sometimes, it even gives an opportunity to fulfill a cherished dream. Moreover, for entrepreneurs, Credit provides an opportunity for the development of their own business.

Knowing the size of his earnings or estimated income, the Borrower, by contacting the Credit Organization, calculates the size and duration of the allowable payments for the Loan. 

However, there are factors that the Borrower cannot calculate in advance. Such factors among others are these: Accidents and Diseases that can happen to anyone, anytime. As a result, the Borrower risks losing his ability to work or worse to die. At the same time, the obligations of the Borrower to the Credit Organization do not disappear anywhere, and the responsibility for the repayment of the Loan is, shifted to the shoulders of its close and relatives, guarantors. 

In order the Borrower can to protect itself in case of such incidents and to avoid unforeseen financial expenses, BIMA Insurance Organization has developed the «Priority» Insurance Program.   

The main idea of the Program is as follows:
If the Borrower during the Loan Agreement loses his ability to work or dies due to an accident or illness, the Insurance Organization, instead of the Borrower, repays its Loan by amount of his debt to the Credit Organization. 

This allows the Borrower in the event of unforeseen situations to shift the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of the Insurance Organization, to avoid fines and penalties for overdue Credit, financially not burden their loved ones and even get some amount of adaptation in the new living conditions.