Boxed insurance product «HAVLII MAN»

«Havlii man» is a reliable financial support in case of damage to a private house (havli) as a result of the following events:
— Fire
Lightning strike
Natural disasters
Illegal actions of third parties
The fall of aircraft and their parts
Falling foreign objects
Glass break
— Smoke
With the cost of the policy 365 somoni per year (1 somoni per day) you get guaranteed financial protection up to 20.000 somoni! If nothing happened to your property, the insurance company BIMA will return 100 somoni to you!


— Return of 100 somoni in a year
— Simplified payment of up to 2.000 somoni

Insurance cost: 365 somoni
Insurance amount: 20.000 somoni


Полисные условия страхования по коробочному продукту «Ҳавлии ман»