Corporate accident and disease insurance

The program is, aimed at protecting the financial situation of an employee of an enterprise upon the occurrence of unforeseen events. 

Collective insurance of employees of an enterprise against accidents and illnesses is both a reliable tool for financial protection of an employee in case of unforeseen events, as well as a method of additional incentives for employees and increasing their work efficiency.

Our life is associated with certain risks. Trouble can happen to anyone. Diseases and accidents not only adversely affect health, but also entail serious financial costs for both the employee and the company. When an accident or illness occurs with a valuable employee of an organization, an organization needs, to quickly and qualitatively restore his health.

Insurance organization "BIMA" offers a program of collective insurance of employees of the enterprise against accidents and diseases. This program provides financial support to your employee and his family in the event that they lose their ability to work, die or are injured. 

If an employee of the enterprise receives a disability group, dies out, or receives various types of injuries, the BIMA Insurance Organization will pay the injured employee for treatment or adaptation of his family.

Insurance risks:
— Departure from life;
— Assignment of disability group;
— Disability;
— Hospitalization;
Deadly diseases;
— Surgical interventions.

Benefits of Insurance:
— Individual approach to corporate clients.

Forming an insurance program in accordance with their requirements, namely:
Select a set of risks;
Selection of insurance amounts;
Choice of insurance term;
The timing and territory of the insurance of protection;
— Financial Protection for Corporate Employee tariffs with the widest possible individual coated;
— Enhancing the image of the enterprise by providing an additional element of social of protection;
Increased staff loyalty to the company;
— Insurance protection of international level in;
— Compliance with the standards of Generali Employee Benefits.

Insurance payment will help:
— Pay for quality treatment of the victim employee;
— Adapt to the family of the affected employee to new living conditions.

This insurance program was developed jointly with our partner, Generali Employee Benefits, which is part of a world-class insurance company - Generali.