General liability Insurance

The program is, aimed at protecting the property interests of the Company related to obligations arising from harm to Third Parties. 

According to the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, the harm caused to a person or property of a citizen, as well as damage caused to the property of a legal entity, shall be, reimbursed in full by the person who caused the damage. 
The size of the maximum damage that an enterprise may suffer is amenable to calculation and forecasting, which is rather difficult with regard to the damage that an enterprise may cause to other persons. Responsibility for damage from these events can be, calculated in huge amounts and a list of such examples is very large.
In practice, there are many cases when a slight leakage of water turns into multi-million expenses associated with the repair of premises located on the lower floors, the purchase of new equipment and furniture damaged by water. A fire can also cause huge costs associated with the reimbursement of the value of the property of others and with compensation for harm to life and health of the injured. 

The insurance company "BIMA" offers a way to minimize this type of risk  the Program of insurance of general civil liability of legal entities. This program provides financial support to the Enterprise in the event of losses arising from the infliction of harm to Third Parties, and as a result, of this additional expenses incurred in connection with the Enterprise’s activities or actions. 

 Insurance risks:
— “Responsibility for causing harm to the life and health of third parties”;
— “Responsibility for causing damage to the property of third parties”;

Benefits of Insurance: 
— Financial protection in case of unforeseen events related to the occurrence of the obligation to pay damages to third parties. 
— Reliable risk reinsurance program, cooperation with leading world’s level partners.
— Improving the financial stability of the enterprise. 

Insurance payment will help: 
Pay for expenses in case of claims from third parties. 
Reduce the probability of litigation.