Comprehensive vehicle insurance

The program is, aimed at financial protection of the company in case of unforeseen events when using official vehicles.
A car park for an enterprise is a big responsibility. The more cars in the enterprise, the greater the risk of facing unforeseen financial losses associated with the operation of vehicles. After all, anything can happen on the road. How to avoid unpleasant situations and prevent financial losses?

Insurance organization "BIMA" offers its customers an insurance product "Avtokasko". Insurance under the Avtokasko program -The main idea of Avtokasko is that if the insured car is, damaged, the Insurance Organization BIMA makes an insurance payment by sending the damaged car to the best car repair shops in Tajikistan. And in the case of loss or total loss - the insurance payment is made in the amount of the cost of the vehicle.   

The Avtokasko program covers the following events: 
1) Damage to vehicle:
— Accident, fire, explosion
Natural disasters
— Falling / hitting foreign objects
— Damage by animals
Illegal actions of third parties
2) Vehicle theft

Advantages of the Avtokasko program: 
— Payment system “new for old” damages are made without taking into account the wear and tear of components and parts to be replaced.
— Quality service - car repair is, organized in the best service stations of Tajikistan or from an authorized dealer.
— Support of the Insurance Organization “BIMA”  upon the occurrence of an insured event, the Insurer provides information and dispatch support with possible departure of an expert from our company to the scene.