Corporate property insurance

The program aims to protect the financial stability of the company in case of unforeseen events related to its property. 

Insurance is a reliable risk management mechanism, as well as a tool for long-term planning of financial stability of an enterprise. Everyone can suffer loss of property as a, result of fire, flooding or theft, but enterprise losses are particularly large. Damage or loss of property can lead to production downtime, reduction of employees' salaries and, as a result, loss of profits. The wisest decision of a business owner is to the property insurance of an organization. 

This financial sustainability-planning tool has long been an integral part of the strategic planning of enterprises in Europe and Russia.  

The insurance organization "BIMA" offers the program of insurance of property of legal entities against fire and other hazards. This program helps to reduce the risk of loss of funds in the event of partial damage or complete loss (loss) of the insured property.

The following types of property are, accepts for insurance:
— Real estate  office or warehouse space, other facilities;
Movable property  production equipment, household appliances, electronic equipment, furniture, other property;
Commodities in circulation goods in stock or at points of sale;
Loss of income due to business interruption.

Insurance risks:
— Lightning strike;
Falling foreign objects;
— Natural disasters;
Damage to water and other liquids;
Theft, robbery, robbery;
 Deliberate acts of third parties;
— Vehicle hitting;
Glass breakage.

Insurance benefits: 
Financial protection of the company in case of a partial or complete loss of property, which reduces the risk of financial losses due to unforeseen events 
Guaranteed compensation for losses incurred due to partial damage to property, which makes it possible to recover damaged property at the expense of the Insurance Organization.
Program action — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Insurance payment is, made at a time within 14 business days

Insurance payment will help: 
Pay for the restoration of damaged property.
Pay the cost of acquiring a new property if it is completely lost or destroyed.
Avoid adverse effects associated with the partial or complete loss of property, including financial compensation for a break in the business of an enterprise.