Construction and installation risks insurance

This program is, aimed at reducing financial losses from unforeseen events during construction and installation works.

Insurance construction and erection of risks represents a special type of comprehensive insurance, covering, as a rule, insurance of a facility under construction, safety of construction equipment and civil liability of construction companies for harm caused to third parties. In some cases, such a contract also includes insurance of entrepreneurial risk in terms of non-receipt of expected income. Very often, insurance is provided for so-called collateral risks, such as building materials in warehouses serving a particular construction project, vehicles and other special equipment (cranes, bulldozers, etc.), civil liability that may arise from their use.

Insurance organization "BIMA" offers a program of insurance construction and installation works.  

This program helps to reduce financial losses in case of the following risks:
— The risk of material damage;
— The risk of liability during construction and installation works;
— The risk of other expenses and losses.

The main insurance risks:
— Fire, explosion, lightning, falling aircraft;
— Tornado, hurricane, storm, typhoon;
— Avalanche and mudflow;
— Flooding, high water, rainfall;
— Natural disasters;
— Collapse, landslide, subsidence, flooding by groundwater;
— Theft, robbery, robbery;
—  Earthquake;
— Illegal actions of third parties, including burglary, robbery or other actions that can be attributed to illegal actions of third parties;
— Failure of engineering networks;
— Installation errors;
— Collapse or damage to the object, including collapsing or falling parts.

Benefits of Insurance:
— Financial protection of the construction company in case of unforeseen events involving financial losses, including loss of income as a, result of a delay in the delivery of the object;
— Individual approach to customers, the formation of insurance programs according to customer requirements;
— Reliable risk reinsurance program, cooperation with leading world level partners;
— Financial protection in case of unforeseen events during the warranty period, after commissioning of the object.

Insurance payment will help: 
— Pay for expenses related to damage or death of construction objects that have not yet, been commissioned;
— Pay for the restoration of damaged property (building materials, structures, equipment, construction machines, etc.);
— Pay for expenses related to clearing the wreckage of property damaged as a, result of an insured event.