Carrier liability insurance

This insurance program allows you to exclude financial losses of the carrier (forwarder) associated with the loss / damage of the insured cargo.
When making a purchase and sale transaction, there is a rather long period when the goods being sold have already fallen out of the seller’s sight, but have not yet fallen into the hands of the buyer. It happens during transportation. 
Cargo often disappear, stolen and spoiled. According to statistics, the greatest damage is accounted for the theft and shortage of cargo, as well as damage to the goods in transit.

 In order to protect yourself from possible losses, the carrier or forwarders (depending on the terms of delivery) contacts the insurance company.

The insurance company "BIMA" offers a liability insurance program of carrier (forwarder). This program helps to avoid financial losses associated with the obligations of the carrier (forwarder) to compensate the damage caused to third parties during transportation, including cargo owners.

The main insurance liability programs of carrier / forwarder:
Liability for cargo;
Obligations to pay customs duties due to loss of cargo;
Covering losses due to late delivery of goods.

 Insurance Benefits:
Financial protection in case of partial or total loss of cargo - reduction risk of financial losses;
— Carrier (forwarder) liability insurance excludes the possibility of recovering money from the carrier for damage caused to the cargo;
Reliable risk reinsurance program, cooperation with a world level leading partner;
Insurance organization "BIMA" provides an opportunity to choose the most convenient and suitable option of insurance protection.

Insurance payment will help: 
Pay the costs of repairing the damaged cargo;
Avoid adverse effects associated with partial or total loss of cargo.

This insurance program were, developed jointly with our partner SOGAZ Insurance Company. SOGAZ is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia and the leading insurer in the field of transportation.