Car owner liability insurance

This insurance program is aimed at reducing the financial risks of an enterprise that may arise to third parties as a, result of an accident with the participation of an official motor vehicle.

The fleet of enterprises often makes dozens and even hundreds of cars. And the greater number of vehicles in the enterprise, the higher of probability of an event when the company may suffer serious financial losses associated with the operation of the fleet.
Financial losses to eliminate the consequences of an accident can be prohibitively high and adversely affect the profits of the enterprise.  
To prevent this, to take control of the situation, the corporate fleet must be, insured. 

Insurance organization "BIMA" presents to your attention insurance program of auto-civil liability. The purpose of this program is to provide financial protection for the company in the event of liability to third parties in an accident, by reimbursing the injured party for monetary compensation.

 Insurance risks:
Damage caused to property of third party;
Damage caused to life and health of third parties. 

Benefits of civil Liability Insurance 
Protection of the company's budget from inevitable payments to third parties for damage to property and (or) harm to health.
Lack of time spent on communication / settlement of claims from injured of third parties, instead of him it does by the Insurance Organization. 
No need to pay for the damage caused by his car to third parties.