Has your apartment been heated? Are you sure that your pipes, or the pipes of your respected neighbors, will not leak? So, we are not sure that you will not be flooded. But we have come up with the insurance policy that will help you to reimburse the costs of repairing your apartment in the event of the flood or fire in it; to pay for the purchase of the new equipment or property in the event of the robbery; to compensate for losses to neighbors in case of flooding in or smoke!


— Interior decoration of the apartment, engineering networks and equipment 
— Household, audio and video equipment, furniture 
— Civil liability to neighbors


— Covers damages for neighbors
— If nothing happened to your property — the Insurance Organization «BIMA» will return 100 somoni to you

Insurance cost: 365 somoni
Insurance amount: 30.000 somoni


Policy Conditions of the insurance for the boxed product -«Salom, Sosed!»