Health insurance

The program is aimed at reimbursing the financial expenses of the Insured employee when contacting a medical institution. The main idea of voluntary health insurance is that if the Insured person needs medical
assistance, the Insurance Organization "BIMA" organizes medical assistance or compensates the expenses of the Insured person when he/she goes to a medical institution on his own.
Insurance benefits:
- Saving time. There is no need to waste time looking for a medical institution or a doctor to receive quality medical care.
- Availability. The medical coordinator is available all the time and is ready to help the Insured person to receive medical assistance in a timely, high-quality and fast manner.
- Quality. The amount of the sum insured allows you to fully receive the necessary assistance if necessary, without thinking about costs.
- Family. The insurance organization takes care not only of its insured persons, but also of their family members, giving the opportunity to add family members.
- Reducing financial risks in unforeseen situations in life.
List of medical institutions:

in Dushanbe:
1. Medical and aesthetic center "Jasmine"   
2. City health center №13   
3. Dental clinic "Eurodent"   
4. Clinic "Ibn Sino"   
5. Dental clinic Family Dent   
6. Medical center "Shifo"   
7. Diagnostic center "Nurafzo"   
8. Diagnostic center "Diamed"   
9. Aga Khan Health Center   
10. Dental clinic "Viodent"    
11. The chain of pharmacies "Sifat Pharma"    
12. Clinical and diagnostic laboratory "Farabi"    
in the Sughd region:

1. Network of clinics "Lukmoni Hakim"
2. Clinic "Tibby Acham"
3 Dental clinic "Sadaf"
in Bokhtar:
1. Diagnostic and treatment center "Davo"
in the city of Khorog:
1 Aga Khan Medical Center
2 City polyclinic
3 Regional Hospital