Rohi Bekhatar

This Insurance Policy is designed to protect the car damaged in RTA and not only. Additionally, this policy will financially protect you and your passengers from the accident in RTA.

A vehicle that has passed customs clearance, which is not registered in the information databases of authorized state bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan, registered or subject to registration with the State Traffic Police or other competent bodies that register vehicles, is subject to insurance.

The following risks are insured on the basis of the Policy Conditions:
• Auto hull - the risk of damage to the vehicle, its individual parts and assemblies as a result of RTA.
• RTA (no matter whose fault)
• Fire
• Explosion
• Natural disasters
• Falling of the foreign objects
• Action by animals
• Unlawful actions of the third parties

The insurance contract provides for the unconditional deductible in the amount of 50% of the amount of the loss, while the amount of the loss should not be less than 500 somoni.
Accident - getting bodily injury, a group of disabilities or the death of a driver or passengers as a result of RTA. Insurance is made impersonal, according to the «lump-sum system».