Dear travelers!

At the Insurance Organization «BIMA» you can apply for traveler’s medical policy with the COVID-19 option, which is valid all over the world!

The tariffs of the policy depend on the number of days of your trip and the direction (country) where the insurance policy is issued. This option covers medical expenses up to USD 5,000 associated with COVID-19 treatment, and the traveler's policy covers medical expenses up to USD 30,000 with the COVID-19 option already enabled.

Traveling with medical policies from BIMA, you are guaranteed to receive high priority protection from the world's leading reinsurance organizations that have partnership agreements with the Insurance Organization «Bima»!

We appreciate our clients' time and money and provide the best service and high guarantees for any type of insurance that our clients choose.

For more information, please contact our contact-center at 5511.