Insurance glossary


Insurer - Limited Liability Company “Insurance Organization“ BIMA ”, which, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, carries out insurance activities on the basis of a corresponding license issued by a state authorized body.

Insurant - Legal entities and capable individuals who have entered into insurance contracts with insurers or who are, insured by law.

Insured Person (Insured) - An individual in respect of whom the Insurant and the Insurer have entered into an Accident and Disease Insurance Contract. If, under the Insurance Contract, the life and health of the Insured himself is an individual, then he is also the Insured.

Beneficiary - a person who has the right to receive the insurance payment. The beneficiary is the Insured, unless otherwise provided by the Insurance Contract.

Insurance Contract - an agreement between the Policyholder and the Insurer, by virtue of which the Insurer undertakes, for the insurance contract fee (insurance premium) paid by the Policyholder, to pay the insurance amount due to the Insurance Contract at the same time to the Beneficiary.

Insurance policy offer - A document in accordance with the terms of which the Insurer proposes to conclude an insurance contract for the Insured, and is, executed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. The signed Insurance Policy is, presented by the Insurer to the Policyholder. The Policyholder’s acceptance is made by paying them an insurance premium (insurance premium) in the manner and timeframe established by the Insurance Contract (Insurance Policy-Offer).

Insured Amount - a monetary amount which is established by the Insurance Contract and on the basis, of which the amount of the insurance premium (insurance premium) and the amount of the insurance premium are determined upon the occurrence of an insured event.

Insurance premium - Payment for insurance, which the Insured is, obliged to pay to the Insurer in the manner and within the deadlines established by the Insurance Contract.

Insurance Event - An event that has occurred under the Insurance Contract, with the onset of which the Insurer's obligation arises to make an insurance payment.

Insurance payment - the amount of money established by the Insurance Contract, paid by the Insurer to the Policyholder, the Insured, the Beneficiary in the event of an insurance event in the manner specified in the Insurance Contract.  

Insurance Term - The period, of time defined by the Insurance Contract, upon the occurrence of insurance events during which the Insurer has a duty to make insurance payments in accordance with these Insurance Rules and the Insurance Contract.